23 mar. 2015

Interview to iDesign News by 8 Printing

I´d like to share my interview by 8 Printing, a great printing proyects company. You can see the interview here.

I have wanted to express my feelings of my blog, my personal life and the future. The complete interview is this:

What do you do?
Now, I´m finishing my degree on Electrical Engineering in Malaga University. Also, I manage a blog dedicated to Industrial Design in Spain.

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry?
More events are being organized about Industrial Design in order to promote this industry and to give the value it deserves. The companies are realizing of the importance that the industrial design engineer has.

What opportunities and challenges will these changes bring about?
Last years the industry is giving new opportunities to these engineers by offering them jobs in the companies such as product engineer.
The design studies are more known, professionals and students are now in contact with each other, and industrial design is near society.

What are your biggest goals?
One of my aims is to inform people about design by publishing the last news and events organized. Personally, I try to help my field and to make myself known. 

Who and what would you need to reach your goals fast?
More dissemination and publicity of my news about industrial design. 

Finally, who should contact you and why?
More important websites in which I could add my engineering knowledge.

I recommend to visit expositionprinting.com and its youtube page:


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